Air suspension fan

Product introduction

The high-speed air suspension centrifugal blower is a brand-new concept blower with high efficiency, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and its performance is very excellent. Due to the use of two core high-tech technologies, “high-speed direct-coupled motor” and “air suspension bearing”, the systems of speed-increasing gears, couplings, lubrication systems and cooling fans, which are necessary for traditional single-stage high-speed centrifugal blowers, Thereby greatly improving the process performance and operational reliability of the product. We promise to provide our customers with flexible, fast, convenient and reliable quality services, and at the same time will create a comfortable, quiet and environmentally friendly working environment for you.

Product features

1. Economic effect

01. Compared with existing Roots blowers, multi-stage centrifuges and other gear-driven fans. A module system has been developed and designed to save energy of more than 20-50%. Can provide fast and perfect after-sales service

02. Use suspension bearings. No maintenance measures such as adding lubricating oil are needed, reducing operating costs to no friction and no loss

2. Technical effect

01. The flow rate can be adjusted in a wide range by adjusting the blower speed

02. Improve efficiency by lowering the outlet temperature. So that the fan effect has more room for growth

3. Environmental protection effect

01. The equipment has environmental protection factors such as no vibration and low noise

02. The equipment structure is compact and the installation and use space is small,

03. Space utilization rate reaches a large

04. No need to add oil or lubricant, no environmental pollution

Service system

1. Perfect technical service system

Shandong Sihai Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO90001 quality and system certification. The technical service team is professional and efficient. It provides customers with 7 * 24 hours of online consulting services and promises to reach the site within 48 hours.

2. Independently developed spare parts

Shandong Sihai Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. continues to provide all spare parts of blowers sold after sales. We use written and electronic documents to keep all records of all blowers indefinitely to ensure the timely supply of spare parts.

Typical spare parts: · Bearing bush · Labyrinth air seal

3. Remote management system

The remote management system provides customers with more convenient and timely personal services. The remote online management system can accurately detect the operating state of the blower, facilitate the observation of the operating conditions of the blower, realize remote centralized management to view various real-time parameters of the blower, and the historical operating records can also be consulted at any time, providing a reliable basis for users to scientifically manage equipment .