Silicon Carbide Film

The pore size of the silicon carbide ceramic membrane is 0.04μm-0.1 μm, which can effectively remove suspended solids, algae, precipitated metal oxides, colloids and some macromolecular organic substances in water.

In actual projects, submerged negative pressure suction filtration or pressure filtration can be used according to the site conditions. Silicon carbide ceramic flat membrane has high filtration precision, good physical strength and good chemical stability, and has been widely used in the field of special wastewater and reverse osmosis pretreatment. Flat membrane filtration principle Small transmembrane pressure difference, within 0.02Mpa, low operating energy consumption;

Can effectively adapt to high suspended solids and high sludge concentration water bodies;
Dead-end fixed filtering mode,
Backwashing takes less time and has good results; the system has a high recovery rate and is easy to maintain;
Design Advantages of Water Treatment System Based on SiC Membrane —- Hydrophilic and oleophobic, strong acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance

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