Ultrafiltration equipment

Ultrafiltration is one of the membrane separation technologies driven by pressure. For the purpose of separating large and small molecules, the membrane pore size is between 20-1000A °. The hollow fiber ultrafilter (membrane) has the advantages of high filling density per unit of dissolver and small footprint.

In the ultrafiltration process, the aqueous solution flows through the membrane surface under the pressure of the membrane. The solvent (water) and the small molecule solute permeable membrane that are smaller than the membrane pores become the purification liquid (filtration liquid), and the solute and solute group larger than the membrane pore It is trapped and discharged with the water flow, becoming a condensate. The ultrafiltration process is dynamic filtration, and the separation is completed in a flowing state. The solute is only deposited on the membrane surface, the ultrafiltration rate is attenuated to a certain extent and tends to balance, and can be recovered by cleaning.


Ultrafiltration is a pressurized membrane separation technology, that is, under a certain pressure, small molecular solutes and solvents are passed through a special membrane with a certain pore size, so that large molecular solutes are impermeable and left on the side of the membrane, so that The macromolecular material was partially purified.