Dry goods | Help: What happened to the water produced by the reverse osmosis equipment?

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Do you have any such questions:

Reverse osmosis system suddenly produced water quality is not up to standard?

What exactly happened?

Let ’s take a look today

May cause the quality of produced water not to meet the standards

Improper operation leads to equipment damage

Because many customers are not familiar with the operation process of reverse osmosis equipment, the equipment is damaged due to wrong steps in the operation. The operator strictly operates according to the instructions in the operation manual. In case of uncertain or unknown operation, the engineer should be contacted in time, and the operator can be assisted by telephone or on-site to complete the operation. The company usually arranges the engineering personnel to inform the process of equipment regeneration and flushing one-on-one until the customer fully learns. Of course, for the sake of insurance, it is best to be able to recruit personnel who understand the operation process of water treatment equipment or find someone to be responsible. Our company will provide training for operators after installation and commissioning.

Not paying attention to the daily maintenance of equipment

After purchasing the reverse osmosis equipment, only the daily production and use are concerned, and the daily maintenance of the equipment is not very concerned, and no attention is paid to the pretreatment system of the equipment to be washed regularly according to the requirements of the manufacturer.

Of course, there are also some unprofessional equipment manufacturers who did not inform their daily maintenance when they were sold and installed. It can be seen that when customers choose to purchase reverse osmosis equipment, they must communicate with the manufacturer in depth, and negotiate clearly about the daily maintenance of the equipment, and choose a reliable enterprise with parts supply and after-sales maintenance. This allows the equipment to be used reasonably.

Our company provides customers with one-year warranty and life-long maintenance services. Of course, in order to save manpower and resources, customers also hand over the daily maintenance of the equipment to a professional third party. This is also an efficient method and is more beneficial to extending the life of the equipment.

Membrane clogging, etc.

It may be that the membrane has been used for a long time, and some have been used for three or four years or longer. The life of the membrane must consider the water consumption and raw water quality factors. The water consumption and raw water quality are generally proportional to the life of the membrane. Membrane elements should be replaced or cleaned regularly.

The membrane element may be oxidized, and the pretreatment effluent has not been checked for compliance before being loaded into the system, resulting in excess chlorine or water containing other oxidants entering the membrane system, resulting in a reduction in the desalination rate of membrane elements.

If the quality of the film itself is poor. Like how low and how low the price is, there is no quality guarantee for the quality and service life of the membrane, and the quality of the effluent is difficult to guarantee.

In this case, it is particularly important to choose a suitable and qualified equipment supplier.

After replacing the new membrane, the produced water still does not meet the standard

The water treatment equipment belongs to the multi-stage filtration equipment of grading and segmentation, and some customers report that the water produced after replacing the brand new reverse osmosis membrane does not meet the standard. In addition to the above reasons, there may also be the following problems that lead to substandard water production after replacing the new membrane:

1. The water quality of the raw water (inlet) changes;

2. The equipment parts may be faulty.

In this case, you need to find a professional water treatment equipment supplier for more detailed testing and maintenance.

This shows that professional problems are more worry-free and more efficient to be handled by professionals>-<

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