Shandong Sihai Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shandong Sihai Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of water treatment equipment. The company is located in the center of Qingzhou High-tech Development Zone, Shandong Province, on the south side of 309 National Highway with smooth traffic. Strategic location, complete hardware and software facilities.
The company takes “professional manufacturing quality products, sincere service to customers” as its business purpose, takes quality assurance as the premise, achieves customer satisfaction as the center, aims to enhance market competitiveness, builds a professional team as the guarantee, and takes flexible enterprise mechanism as the basis With scientific and technological achievements as advantages, it has become a well-known enterprise integrating design, production and installation in the province. The company’s main business: water purification equipment (ultrafiltration equipment), pure water equipment (reverse osmosis equipment, nanofiltration equipment), high purity water equipment (mixed bed, EDI), seawater desalination equipment, water reuse equipment (concentrated water reverse osmosis return) Equipment, inorganic carbon membrane equipment, ceramic membrane equipment, DTRO / STRO, MBR membrane equipment), MVR equipment, sewage treatment equipment, etc.
“The water of the four seas is pure and pure, and the people of the four seas are sincere and true.” To provide you with meticulous and thoughtful excellent service at any time is our ever-changing purpose.

Sihai Concept

Energy saving and environmental protection is the eternal theme of human beings, quality and service is the constant pursuit of  sihai

At any time to provide you with meticulous, thoughtful and excellent service is our eternal purpose.

Development planning

According to market orientation and business scope, Shandong Sihai Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. plans to highlight its main business, expand the series of product types, and broaden the scope of engineering services. In terms of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifiers, develop serialized products to meet different water quality requirements; simultaneously establish a sales system and conduct branded operations. In terms of silicon carbide flat membranes, it takes advantage of its technology and launches products that are adapted to different water intake quality and water production standards, and is geared towards the whole country and related countries and regions along the Belt and Road. In engineering services, it focuses on the treatment of water bodies such as seawater desalination, sewage, zero discharge, and garbage permeate. Eventually, the purpose of increasing market share and expanding production capacity will be achieved.