20 tons of inorganic carbon film equipment

Equipment introduction

Inorganic carbon membrane technology has been applied in oilfield petrochemical, steel, chemical, food processing and other fields. Its high-throughput, strong hydrophilicity, high anti-pollution ability, high integration and other excellent properties make it more suitable for applications in harsh conditions and environments such as oily sewage and reclaimed water, replacing traditional ceramics Membranes, metal membranes and organic membranes, inorganic carbon membranes will be used in the fields of fine filtration treatment of oilfield re-injection water, oilfield produced water resource membrane method reuse treatment, petrochemical sewage water reuse, wastewater reuse, and circulating water fine treatment. Wide application prospects.

■ Product features

1. Good hydrophilicity: the contact angle with water is 0.3 °, which is relatively small among all membrane materials, and its resistance to oil pollution is relatively strong;

2. High filtration flux: The porosity of the membrane is up to 45%, combined with its excellent hydrophilicity, its filtration flux can be as high as five times that of ordinary ceramic membranes, which is relatively high among various membrane products. Higher

3. Good chemical stability: acid and alkali resistance, pH range of 0 ~ 14; resistance to various solvents and various concentrations of oxidants

4. Good thermal stability: the use temperature is up to 800 ° C, the highest use temperature is up to 1000 ° C;

■ Product specifications

■ Application field

☆ Fine filtration treatment of oilfield reinjection water

☆ High temperature condensate treatment

☆ Membrane process water reuse treatment

☆ Circulating water and sewage treatment

☆ Electroplating wastewater treatment

☆ Breeding wastewater treatment

☆ Drinking water treatment

☆ Coal chemical wastewater treatment