Disc filter


1. Precise filtration: filter discs with different precisions can be selected according to water requirements. There are various specifications of 20μ, 50μ, 100μ, 130μ and 200μ.

2. Efficient backwashing: High speed and thorough backwashing can be completed in about 20 seconds. Fully automatic operation, continuous water output: in the filter set, the backwashing process alternates alternately, and the working and backwashing states are automatically switched to ensure continuous water output. The system pressure loss is small.

3. Standard: Standard modular system design, users can choose according to their needs, flexible and variable, and strong interchangeability.

4. Non-standard: the corner space can be used flexibly, installed according to local conditions, and takes up little space.

5. Reliable operation and simple maintenance: almost no daily maintenance is required, 100% of the components are tested and tested by the factory, no special tools are needed, and spare parts are few.

6. Long service life: The high-tech plastic filter core is strong, no abrasion and no corrosion. After years of industrial practical verification, the filtering and backwashing effect will not deteriorate with the use time.